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A Note From the Editor

Embrace the New!

The theme for the 2023 Winter Edition of SpeakUpSis! Magazine is Embrace the New.  It is fitting considering this magazine itself is a testament to what great things can happen when you embrace the new thing God wants to do in your life. The response to the introductory 2022 Fall Edition has been phenomenal. Within the first month of our launch, the digital format had over 1200+ impressions, over 450+ reads and was accessed in eight different countries. We could not have attained any of these numbers without those of you who have believed in Speak Up Sis® since the beginning and went to the website to not only support and download but also to read the magazine. For that, I say thank you very much, and let’s not stop there. I believe with your help we can triple those monthly numbers in January 2023. 


Because the introductory edition was a surprise to everyone, the edition primarily focused on showing the evolution of the Speak Up Sis® Experience which is the heart of the Speak Up Sis, LLC. You got to meet the performers as well as see photos of The Experience throughout its four years in existence. However, this 2023 Winter Edition is the first, full edition. We are no longer a secret or surprise, so we reached out via email and social media to give as many who wanted the opportunity to share via the written word and be published the chance to have their work included in this edition. I was overwhelmed by the influx of submissions. 


In this edition, you will be introduced to what will become our regular sections. They include Chef’s Choice, SpeakUpSis® Stories, Events, Woman in Business Spotlight, Family Matters, Get to Know Her, Creative’s Corner, BodySoulSpirit, and my personal favorite - But God! Testimonies. 


It is my heart’s desire that you are inspired and empowered by the stories and articles you will read and the people you will meet on the pages of SpeakUpSis! Magazine. Most importantly, as you encounter the words of everyday people doing awesome things in this world, I pray you, too, feel seen, heard and understood. 


Love & Light,

Angel Charmaine

The Team

Every magazine has a team behind it, working together towards a single vision. At Speak Up Sis Magazine, our dedicated and skilled professionals create high-quality content and provide valuable insight into news and stories that interest and impact our readers. Learn more about some of our team members below.

Angel is a Life Strategist for middle-aged, purpose-filled women and a former international educator. Award-winning CEO of Speak Up Sis, LLC, award-nominated, 3x self-published author. She believes conversations help to build resiliency, therefore, she creates spaces for everyday women to speak up and to share their stories to heal and inspire the stories others.

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CJ Benjamin is a Brand Futurist and Strategist Extraordinaire, CEO of The Brand Room, Inc. with an HD bend on Intuitive branding, strategy and creative intelligence.

He combines sleek creativity, intellectual sophistication and future-centric ideologies to help brands articulate, execute and build their best brands ever.

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CJ Benjamin

Angel C. Wright

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