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This is the perfect opportunity for emerging and aspiring writers looking for exposure opportunities or looking to grow their writing portfolio.

  • Submit only works that have not previously been published and no excerpts.

  • Submit work only through the SpeakUpSis! Magazine Submission Form

  • Submissions should be 12pt, Times New Roman font, and single-spaced.

  • Upload as .pdf or .doc format.

  • Submissions must include title and author name.

This is a non-compensation opportunity.

It is our policy to keep submissions for one year from the date of submission to be considered in any edition within the 365-day time period. You will be notified at the email used on the submission form if we select your submission for publication. You will have the opportunity to decline the opportunity at that time if you no longer want your work published in SpeakUpSis! Magazine. If you decline, we will delete your submission from our system, and the submission will not be considered for future use in SpeakUpSis! Magazine. 

Submission Categories

  • Body, Soul, Spirit (fitness/wellness/faith)

  • But God! (50 word max)

  • Chef's Choice Recipe

  • Creative Corner (poetry)

  • Family Matters

  • Take Care of Business (business, finance)

  • SpeakUpSis Story (personal stories of triumph 500 - 600 words)

  • Beauty & Fashion

Please read TERMS & CONDITIONS for submissions prior to completing form and submitting your work.

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