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2nd Annual SpeakUpSis® Awards

Julian Smith Casino

Sunday, September 15, 2024

Honoring extraordinary everyday women 


Speak Up Sis Award

Recognizing a woman who has triumphed seemingly insurmountable obstacles in life through faith and by sharing her story, and she now helps others do the same.

Nicole Badger
Nina Sitlington
Annette Williams
AshleyCae Lee 

Colleen Willliams

Everyday Woman Award

Recognizing a woman who is NOT an entrepreneur, business owner, or CEO who significantly impacts others in every aspect of her daily life at home, in the community and at work. 

Anna Welsh
Paula Lewis

Ursula Saunders
Jennifer Gelencia
Shlonda Smith

Woman in Business Award

Recognizing a woman at the start of her career as an entrepreneur and/or business owner who has been in business between 3 - 10 years & has shown outstanding performance and success as a small business owner.

Charlene Davis
Shantae Williams
Aniyah Ruiz
Nata'sia Garland
Shannor Williams

Trailblazer Award

Recognizing an accomplished woman leader in her respective field (corporate or non-corporate) who has made considerable contributions to her peers and community and through her leadership is an agent of change.

Shawn Cunningham
Ardena Johnson
Rhonda Aaron
Shanna Carkhum
Reshelle Gainor

Author of the Year

Recognizing your favorite self-published/independent, female author.

Claudette Wilson
Pamela Morrow
Trivia Payne
Shawana Davenport-Chapple
Danielle Presume

Podcaster of the Year

Recognizing your favorite independent, female podcaster.

Zina Thrower
Tisha Winkler
Maritalyn Frazier
Sharise Johnson-Moore
Shawaun Jones

Phenomenal Leader Award

Recognizing a woman who is a visionary, who has a servant's heart, and who has the ability to motivate and inspire others to engage, build, and achieve the vision laid out before them. 

Marienda Gates
Tina H Martin
Kimberly Powell
Shondra Lewis
Jasmine Scott

Giver Award

Recognizing a woman who helps others in any way she can without expectation of anything in return from the receiver of her giving. 

Elizabeth Higdon
Eyes on Aiken
Candace Joseph

Mary Roberts
Kai Winstead

Warmest Smile Award

Recognizing a woman who keeps a smile on her face that brings joy to the heart and is good medicine to the soul.

Anleeta Eaton-Buchanan
Roz Knighten Warfield
Amenna Scott
Michelle Summons
Denise Windley

My Sister's Keeper Award

A woman who lovingly guides, corrects and is willing to protect, watch over and defend other women.

Shirley Keys
Shaunda Thompson
Shiamante Grimes
Elicia Moore
Aleks Holiday

Prayer Warrior Award

A woman who is committed to praying for others.

Jimmica Itson
Alexis Robinson
Leslie Montgomery
Sudena Nelson-Sturgis
Stephanie Captain

Good Heart Award

Recognizing a woman who consistently cares for others through empathy, sympathy, sensitivity, tolerance and non-judgement.

LeAnn Hendrick
Jan Mitchell
Melissa Joseph
Belinda Berrian

Ashkea White

Positivity Sis Award

Recognizing a woman who maintains a positive attitude and outlook even in the toughest times.

Johnecia Mason
Deborah Jefferson
Evelyn Renee Farmer
Krystal Coney
Sofia Johnson
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